This Small Gadget Can Provide A Small Scale Video Mapping

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the media of future content. However, until now the obstacles are still around limited access. Limited not in terms of the price of a device that is still expensive, but rather in how to enjoy the content together. You may take the example of Microsoft HoloLens. The main function of this headset is to fuse virtual objects with the real world interactively, but only the headset users can see and interact at the same time. Could this materialize without involving a headset? Maybe it could. In fact, Microsoft itself has a research project called Illumiroom. Illumiroom applies projection mapping technology, or also known as projection augmented reality, where simply we can see AR content without the need to use a headset. Aside from that, if you need a vjdxb video mapping visual effect for large events, then this gadget won’t be enough for it. Therefore, don’t hesitate to hire the best Event Content Dubai.

Illumiroom involves Kinect, whose role is to map the shape of the room and the objects in it so that finally the projector can project light not only to the screen, and we can enjoy digital content directly.

Similar technology is being matured by a startup called Lightform. For the past three years, they have been operating without any publication about it. And it turns out, the CEO and founder was one of the senior researchers in the Illumiroom project.

What Lightform wants to achieve is actually projection mapping for various purposes, not just in the context of gaming like Illumiroom. They want to simplify the process so that one person can go through the process of mapping, content creation and installation without the help of experienced technicians.

Physically, the Lightform itself is a small beam that can be connected to any projector. Armed with computer vision, Lighform can scan the conditions around it in 3D, then forward the data to the companion application on the computer wirelessly.