Sued Up: Can a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Take You to Court?

So, you’ve just picked up your shiny new ride from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, but you’re starting to have second thoughts about that whole “making payments” thing. We don’t blame you; car payments can be a real drag. But before you start ignoring those monthly bills, let the buy here pay here west virginia talk about one crucial possibility: can the purchase here pay here dealership sue you?

Short answer: yes, they can.

When you finance a car through a buy here pay here dealership, you enter into a legally binding contract. And just like any other contract, there are consequences if you don’t hold up your end of the deal. For example, if you fall behind on your payments or default on a loan, the dealership can take legal action against you.

This could mean filing a lawsuit, which would result in a court summons for you to appear in court to defend yourself against the allegations. If the dealership wins the lawsuit, the court can order you to pay the outstanding balance of the loan plus any additional legal fees the dealership incurred. In some cases, the court may even call the repossession of your vehicle, which would leave you without a car and still on the hook for any remaining balance on the loan.

But before you start freaking out, remember that taking legal action is a last resort for most buy-here-pay-here dealerships. They would much rather work out a solution with you before suing you. If you need help making your payments feel free to contact the dealership and try to find a solution.

It’s important to remember that buy here pay here dealerships can sue if the contract is breached, but they would prefer to work out a solution before suing; it’s always a good idea to reach out and try to work something out if you are having trouble with payments.

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